We consider ourselves alchemists creating interventions in culture and nature. To mesh we  possess the curiosity of a scientist and the inspiration of a designer. We have the expertise required to immerse ourselves in cultural ethnography and create norm critical disruptions. A bunch of designers, biologists, food technologists and humanists will mesh on your project and breathe a critical and hence novel perspective.  


Design Concept

We work with our clients to identify the core problem to solve and design a innovative concept that connecting the dots between culture and nature


Proof of concept

Scalability is one of our key concerns and hence we work closely with universities and initiate proof of concepts for our clients.


Material Research

We take a materials approach to design. Finding the right materials and partners to create closed-loop circular solutions is key to our process. 


Future Scenario Modelling

We help clients prepare to imagine a future scenario that will inspire innovation in the here and now. We use both exploratory and normative approaches to arrive at pausible future scenarios. 

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