‘The Cloud’ is a indoor lighting fixture that interacts with the weather to provide optimal lighting solution to humans in indoor environments. This project aims to reconnect technological lingo like ‘cloud’ back to its natural and symbolic meaning. We googled ‘Cloud’ and searched upto 17 pages and still could not find the cloud we were looking for. We found a lot about google ‘cloud computing’ but nothing about the roof over our heads the actual cloud in the sky. We live in an an era were google takes over our basic access to the natural world by colonizing terms and symbols that express nature.To show these interconnections we have designed “The Cloud” which represents the real cloud and uses google cloud computing to interpret climate data and communicate it to its habitants. The cloud has a voice and uses technology to keep us humans in touch with natures cloud. We want to take a critical look at the way technology can take over our very language of expression towards nature. Who owns the cloud?