Playing Field

Since the invention of electricity, electromagnetic field has been an integrated part of our lives. The desire to consume more than necessary screen time has been around since the advent of the television. Hence, it is no suprise that mobile phones and computers have only added to this drive demanding more screen attention not only from children but parents alike. Electronic screens have the potential to offer unpredictable and infinite experiences to children and adults making it the most addictive medium of play in the 21st century.


Through Playing Field I would like to explore the potential of using Electro Magnetic fields to facilitate discovery, curiosity and play in everyday environments. As established in this proposal the materials of play are not different for adults and children, I would like to refelct on the playing field that is invisible around us in which both adults and children can become aware through playful interactions with everyday objects. Through these interactions I aim to provide not only mental and visual stimulus, but also physical, intuitive and reflexive stimulus most essential for overall development. I aim to showcase how technology can imbibe several other values through its interactions with people, beyond the singular value of ‘control’ that it currently exhibits.